1》 move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis.
    ↘twist or sprain (an ankle).
2》 move into a different position, especially so as to face the opposite direction.
    ↘change or cause to change direction.
    ↘(of the tide) change from flood to ebb or vice versa.
    ↘pass round (the flank or defensive lines of an army) so as to attack from the side or rear.
    ↘archaic bend back (the edge of a blade) so as to make it blunt.
3》 change or cause to change in nature, state, form, or colour; make or become: Emma turned pale.
    ↘(of leaves) change colour in the autumn.
    ↘(with reference to milk) make or become sour.
    ↘make or become nauseated: the smell would turn the strongest stomach.
4》 (turn to) start doing or becoming involved with.
    ↘go to for help or information.
    ↘have recourse to: he turned to drink for solace.
5》 shape on a lathe.
6》 give a graceful or elegant form to.
7》 make (a profit).
1》 an act of turning.
    ↘a bend or curve in a road, path, river, etc.
    ↘a road junction.
    ↘Cricket deviation in the direction of the ball when bouncing off the pitch.
    ↘one round in a coil of rope or other material.
2》 a development or change in circumstances.
    ↘a time when one period of time ends and another begins.
    ↘(the turn) the beginning of the second nine holes of a round of golf.
3》 an opportunity or obligation to do something that comes successively to each of a number of people: it was his turn to speak.
    ↘a short performance, especially one of a number given by different performers.
4》 a short walk or ride.
5》 informal a shock.
    ↘a brief feeling or experience of illness: he's had a funny turn.
6》 the difference between the buying and selling price of stocks or other financial products.
    ↘a profit made from such a difference.
7》 Music a melodic ornament consisting of the principal note with those above and below it.
at every turn on every occasion.
by turns alternately.
do someone a good (or bad) turn do something that is helpful (or unhelpful) for someone.
in turn one after the other.
on the turn at a turning point.
out of turn at a time when it is inappropriate or not one's turn.
take turns (or Brit. take it in turns) (of two or more people) do something one after the other.
to a turn to exactly the right degree: beefburgers done to a turn.
turn and turn about chiefly Brit. in succession.
turn of mind a way of thinking.
turn of speed the ability to go fast when necessary.
turn something over in one's mind consider something thoroughly.
turn tail informal turn round and run away.
Phrasal verbs
turn someone away refuse admittance to someone.
turn someone/thing down
1》 reject an offer or proposal or someone making one.
2》 (turn something down) adjust a control on an electrical device to reduce the volume, heat, etc.
turn in informal go to bed in the evening.
turn someone/thing in hand someone or something over to the authorities.
turn off leave one road in order to join another.
turn someone off informal make someone bored or repelled.
turn something off (or on) stop (or start) the operation of something by means of a tap, switch, or button.
turn on
1》 suddenly attack.
2》 have as the main focus.
turn someone on informal excite or stimulate someone, especially sexually.
turn out
1》 prove to be the case.
2》 go somewhere to attend a meeting, vote, play in a game, etc.
turn someone out
1》 eject or expel someone from a place.
2》 Military call a guard from the guardroom.
3》 (be turned out) be dressed in the manner specified.
turn something out
1》 extinguish an electric light.
2》 produce something.
3》 empty something, especially one's pockets.
turn over
1》 (of an engine) start or continue to run properly.
2》 (of a business) have a turnover of.
turn someone/thing over change or transfer custody or control of someone or something.
turn something round (or around) reverse the previously poor performance of something.
turn up
1》 be found, especially by chance.
2》 put in an appearance; arrive.
turn something up
1》 increase the volume or strength of sound, heat, etc. by adjusting a control on a device.
2》 reveal or discover something.
3》 shorten a garment by raising the hem.
turner noun
OE tyrnan, turnian (v.), from L. tornare, from tornus 'lathe', from Gk tornos 'lathe, circular movement'; prob. reinforced in ME by OFr. turner.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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